MIA Accreditation- What exactly does that mean?

Natural Stone Designs is proud of our accreditation from the Marble Institute of America. It will assure excellence and accountability in the fabrication process. The MIA Accreditation signifies that we are a stone or quartz fabricator:

  • Experienced in stone fabrication, installation, and maintenance
  • That has a solid reputable business (We have been in business 24 years this March)
  • Who operates in a responsible manner in compliance with OSHA standards
  • And is dedicated to a quality product, quality installation, and total customer satisfaction

So, when shopping for a fabricator, look for the MIA accreditation seal. Only the finest companies in the industry can meet all the qualifications necessary to achieve MIA accreditation. The seal protects residential and commercial customers from unscrupulous businesses, poor quality products, and shoddy workmanship. You will be assured of working with a company using best practices and with the technical knowledge and expertise to do the job right.

Think of it as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Stone and Quartz fabrication! Natural Stone Designs is the only fabricator in Oregon with accreditation from the MIA.

MIA logo

New Robo SawJet

Robo Saw JetA bright shiny orange new Robo SawJet from Baca Systems is the newest addition to Natural Stone Designs’ fabrication shop. The SawJet is designed to increase efficiencies on materials and labor. It has a robotic arm that travels back and forth from the dual tables allowing us to load one table while it is cutting on the alternate table. The cutting head uses both a diamond saw blade for straight cuts and a water jet cutting head for curved cuts, as well as having vein-matching capabilities. Come visit our shop for a live demonstration. This baby can rock ‘n’ roll!